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Here at Green Leaf Massage & Sports Recovery, we believe Sports Recovery is movement-based care for any walk of life. We want to allow our facilities and Sports Recovery Specialists to be a resource where the typical sideline treatment of athletes is brought to common society in a fun, educational and result-driven manner. Making an appointment for an acute injury, a chronic issue or just keeping your body capable of lifetime of balance and health is exactly what we offer. Everyone has a body and all of us want to keep our pain at a minimum and our health thriving. Our goal is for Sports Recovery to become something that you can not only find benefit in, but longevity for your goals.

Through our care system and recovery room modalities like cupping, MarcPro Stim, Theragun massage, RockBlade soft tissue mobilization, Stretching, Normatech Compression, and Corrective Exercise we get results for better movement and less pain in our clients.

We encourage our front desk and our SRS to sit together and cultivate teamwork that organizes the scheduling and effective verbiage to clients. Each front desk and SRS understands each other and will gain perspective on how the other communicates and works efficiently to help the client understand SRS.

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You’ll earn your massage therapist license and the business skills to go along with it.

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Our 706-hour certification in massage and bodywork balances family, work and fun.

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