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Jim C.

Instructor / Licensed Massage Therapist

Jim attended Heritage College where he graduated with honors, receiving an Associates Degree in Medical and Therapeutic Massage in 2005. Following this, he worked with Dr. Centeno at his Spinal Injury clinic. Most recently, he works at Green Leaf Massage & Sports Recovery and is an instructor with the Green Leaf School of Massage and Bodywork. Jim is also a US Veteran and is proud of his service to his country.

John W.

Instructor / Licensed Massage Therapist / Rolfer

John comes to Green Leaf School with more than 17 years of experience in the industry. He recalls being first exposed to bodywork while in martial arts as a young adult, seeking degrees in Psychology and Anthropology at the University of Texas, Austin. He later decided to pursue a career as a Massage Therapist and enrolled at a small massage school while living in San Francisco in 2002. After practicing Swedish Massage and Shiatsu for several years, he traveled to India to study Ayurvedic medicine and bodywork techniques at a Panchakarma school in Kerala.

He also studied South Indian martial arts that were interwoven with local Ayurvedic practices. He would later enroll in an advanced massage program at the San Fancisco School of Massage where he was fortunate to study with well-known deep tissue instructors such as Art Riggs and Martey Morales. After practicing advanced deep tissue work for approximately ten years, he moved to Colorado where he enrolled at the Rolf Institute which he now does, independently, in the Tennyson area of Denver.

Beth B.

Instructor / Licensed Massage Therapist

Beth was born in California and raised in the small towns of Oregon. However, having been in Colorado half of her life, she refers to herself as a Colorado transplant. When talking about her path to Massage Therapy, she says, “Massage found [her.]” She had her son at a young age and wanted a career that would allow her to have flexibility for her family while also catering to her nurturing side of wanting to help others. She researched the 19-month program at Cambridge Tech in Aurora and started the following week! She recalls deeply connecting with the training and the experience of MT school and graduated with academic excellence in 2002.

She started out and enjoyed traveling to client homes, but eventually made the transition to working with spas, therapy clinics and chiropractors. These various environments helped her define her own therapeutic style while learning a wide range of myofacial modalities.  She became skilled at customizing treatment to address the client’s individual needs, while preventing and managing both injuries & pain in a relaxing and therapeutic environment. She combines nutritional coaching to her repertoire and is able to help clients live their best lives. In addition to being a Green Leaf instructor, she treats clients in her own private practice in Denver. Her passion is improving the quality of life of those with whom she interacts.

Richard B.

Instructor / Licensed Massage Therapist

Danette S.


Danette and her husband Vince founded Green Leaf Massage and Sports Recovery in 2010 and have since expanded their business into multiple Colorado locations as well as locations in Texas and Nebraska. Danette is passionate about massage therapy and is excited to open Green Leaf School of Massage and Bodywork in order to train up excellent massage therapists. Danette will use her years of expertise to influence and support the goal of training therapists who set the bar of excellence for the industry. Danette is a Licensed Massage Therapist, practicing in Colorado since 2004.  She graduated from the Denver School of Massage Therapy and has attended numerous continuing education classes.

Danette lives by the philosophy that, “school is never out”!  Her passion for wellness has led her to extensive research of many alternative recovery choices. She enjoys growing her Green Leaf Massage and Sports Recovery business with her team. Her focus for her business’ is to add a positive influence to this industry and help empower the Massage Therapists and Sports Recovery Specialist that she leads, to embrace this amazing journey with passion. Along with growing her business’ Danette is also a wife and mother of three wonderful children, they are her WHY!

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